The Fons Vilanova is the company archive of the catalan designer Jordi Villanova Bosch (1925-1998), who worked in Barcelona form the Sixties until his death. Vilanova was one of the first modern designers in Barcelona. He united an excellent formation as a cabinet maker with his knowledge of nordic design, which he imported and sold from his flagship store at Ganduxer street.

Arxiu Vilanova 1The archive is composed of original drawings, plans and photographies that document his projects of furniture and interior design, confirming that Vilanova worked for private residences, commercial establishments (shops, chemist’s and restaurants) and public entities (banks, schools, kindergartens and nursing homes).

The origin of the current archive dates back to two different locations: one is the basement of the old shop at Ganduxer, in Barcelona -where now is situated the company Arborètum- and the other the family home of the Vilanova Vila-Abadal, in Vidrà (Girona). Thanks to the help of Serrat Vilanova, the daughter of the designer, and of Arborètum, it has been possible a rescue in a relatively short time. Upon learning of the existence of this archive, the Design History Foundation has carried out all the necessary arrangements to save it from destruction. And, from January 2015, it is under its care at its location in Barcelona (Calle Córcega, 176 bajos interior).

In this moments, researcher Isabel del Río, who also manages this site, is conducting her thesis about the Fons Vilanova with the objective of managing, cataloging, investigating and, ultimately, recovering the memory of this influential designer.

Arxiu Vilanova 2

Design History Foundation

The Design History Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 2008 with the aim of investigating, spreading and promoting the history of design. The DHF’s object of study is both how design has changed over time, and the industrialisation processes that have made it possible. Design is defined as the configuration of both physical and virtual products. These are elements of visual communication, furniture and objects for everyday use, regardless of their means of operation (manual, mechanical or electronic), as well as costumes and textiles, which have to a larger or lesser extent been serially manufactured by industrial methods, and are commercialised in contexts of mass consumption.

Among the functions that the Foundation performs there is heritage protection. The Foundation works to preserve collections of objects and documentary archives that are in real danger of being separated or destroyed. The Foundation advises public authorities and museums on the acquisition or preservation of those elements of design heritage that are considered of interest. Those people, companies or institutions that own objects or design collections of historical value are encouraged to contact the Foundation to receive advice.

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