La CantonadaThe group La Cantonada (1960-1975), in english “The Corner”, consisted of the very same Jordi Vilanova, the ceramist Jordi Aguadé, the goldsmith and jeweler Aureli Bisbe, the architect Jordi Bonet and the painter Joan Vila-Grau. It owes its name to Vilanova’s iconic shop, situated at the corner of streets Freixa and Ganduxer, becoming the headquarters were all the members chatted, debated and organized diverse activities. Vilanova became the unifier and promoter of the group, coordinating other members to look after new projects to participate on, both individual and collective. The group’s work enjoyed a great diffusion, having the opportunity to display exhibitions in Paris, New York, Munich, Great Britain and the nordic countries. But it was in the showroom at Freixa-Ganduxer where the group displayed its first joint exhibition in 1961, hence publishing its first catalog.

La Cantonada’s ideals were based in a truly humanistic attitude. Its beginnings concurred with the start of the development of industrial design in Catalonia. But this development was based on different premises than La Cantonada’s, dazzling with highly standardized and mass-produced output. In contrast, La Cantonada’s opted for the creation of items in small series -more adapted to specific needs, with more personality and less technological.

Alongside a more modern, official design, La Cantonada proposed a modernity more austere and cautious, that presented a symbiosis between technique and artistic quality by uniting two different ways: the new industry with traditional craftsmanship. All this circumscribed to the mediterranean tradition of its country. With time and some scant publications, La Cantonada and Jordi Vilanova’s contribution to the world of objects has been finally recognized.

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