Jordi VilanovaJordi Vilanova Bosch (Barcelona, 1925-1998) was a catalan interior designer and cabinet maker who worked in the second half of the 20th century in the city of Barcelona. In 1939 he enters the Escola del Treball i Oficis and the Llotja. He had an excellent workshop formation at the Casa Busquets and the decoration workshop of Lluis Gili, until he founded his own interior design company in 1952, moving it later to a house in the sixties. In the 70s he inaugurates several shops with permanent showroom of furniture, tapestry, lamps, carpets, etc. of his own design. He was also cofounder and member of the multidisciplinary artistic group “La Cantonada” (1960-1975), that carried out several integral projects of both civil and sacred art.

His modern furniture and his way of solving spaces were initially destined to a great public deprived of economic resource and, hence, scant livable floor. But this great majority did not understand his approach and was a certain catalan burgeoesie, eager to break with old fashioned stylistic canons, who welcomed his work. A great admirer and expert in nordic design, Vilanova is known as the introducer in Spain and Catalonia of the white wood furniture, without color or glossy varnish, functional, simple and refined, giving it a line of Mediterranean tradition. His specialty was children’s furniture, like the stool Delta that won the Silver Delta Award given by ADI/FAD in 1964. He exhibited his work in the Scandinavian countries. Among his most representative designs stands out the chairs Tiracord and Billar (1961), the bunk bed Montseny MP (1961), the rocking chairs Tartera (1966) and Petit (1978) and the magazine rack Z (1987) designed with his son Pau Vilanova Vila-Abadal. All these furniture are in the collection of Industrial Product of the Design Museum of Barcelona.

Vilanova presented his own work in “El Salón del Hogar Moderno” organized by Foment de les Arts Decoratives at the Dome of the Coliseum. From 1960 to 1972 he exhibited his work at the Hogarotel fair, with other members of La Cantonada, where they got a great welcome from both public and critics. He was a member of FAD where he collaborated on the Formica stands. He was a member of ADI/FAD, of CODDIB (Official College of Decorators and Interior Designers of Barcelona) and SAD. Founder and promoter of the catalan art magazine Qüestions d’Art (1967-74). Member of Ars Sacra in the second stage (1962-1974).

Here you can see the Cronologia_Jordi_Vilanova, prepared by Rosalba Póveda during his internship at the Design History Foundation. Rosalba has developed her final project in Master in Library and Heritage collections of the University of Barcelona consisting of documentary treatment of the Fondo Jordi Vilanova i Bosch.

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